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Frequently Asked Questions

Dog Blower

How often should my dog be groomed?

Too long of an interval between grooming increases the probability

matting which adds risk of injury and discomfort for your dog.

We Recommend:

Fluffy Cut 

Short (Not Shaved)


4 to 6 Weeks

7 to 9 Weeks

10 weeks or longer


Due to the nature of our business, there is always a chance that your dog may come into contact with fleas. WE DO NOT ACCEPT PETS WITH FLEAS: however, it is possible that they could be missed at check-in. 

Please ensure that your dog is protected by administering a monthly preventative from your vet. 

The Salon will not accept liability for your pet contracting fleas during their stay. If your pet happens to bring fleas into the salon, please note that there will be a $20.00 clean up fee added to your groom price. 

Image by Marliese Streefland

Our prices are based on 6-8 week maintenance grooms.

Any groom over 9 weeks will be subject to additional charges. 

Any groom over 16 weeks will be subject to new client price increase.

Additional Charges

Additional Charges
Additional charges will be added for:
  • Difficult Dogs

  • Dematting

  • Scissoring

  • Filth/Mud

  • Feces/Urine

  • Grease

  • Rush Grooms

  • Unaltered Males and Females in season

  • Late Pickup Times

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