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Drop Off/Pick Up

Drop Off

Please be on time for your appointment as our schedule is disrupted when a client is late. We reserve the right to re-book appointments if someone is more than 15 minutes late. 

We appreciate a courtesy call if you are unable to keep your appointment, which allows us to re-book that time. No-shows or same day cancellation will be charged $85.00 a pet next visit.

Pick Up

Please pick up your pet promptly at the time given to you. Pets not picked up within an hour of that time will be subject to a $15.00 daycare fee.

Please call us to let us know if a problem occurs and we will work with you.

carrying to the groomers

Please do Not show up early for pick-up. Once your pet is aware of your presence, it may not be possible to safely finish grooming him/her. 

Sorry, we will still charge full price for an unfinished groom.

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